What is Harvest ?

We're glad you asked.

Harvest Community Development Corp. Is a 501(c)3 certified community outreach organization committed to providing our commnuity with the essential information and services to help us sustain and grow... Learn more ...

Img Harvest Headlines.

ImgInfoHub - where to get valuable info on jobs, services and more.

ImgHarvest Social Justice - see how Harvest CDC is engaged in ensuring equitable allocations for our community.

ImgYou Matter 2016 - Harvest CDC will honor the Unsung Servants in our community in the fall of 2016.

ImgTeam Victory - Harvest CDC's youth basketball program is getting ready for Summer 2016.

ImgMentoring - coming soon, Harvest CDC is partnering with organizations that provide mentoring to children of incarcerated parents.

ImgJoseph's House - Jospeh's House Food Pantry - Supplying our Community with much needed resources.